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Hospitalitycharities.com has a history dating back to 2008 as it was a part of the original Expatdeli.Com, a Global premium food & beverage suppliers website. During the constant development and re-branding from Expatdeli.Com to the Global HospitalityChain.Com, change had to happen due the enormity of the site. The founders and directors saw the need to separate the charity section in order to have its own identity as a Global website connecting the various non for-profit charities.

The ever evolving and branding of the hospitalitychain.com search platform was split into 4 interactive sites. Leisurechain.com, Hospitalitychain.com, Worldfreightdirect.com and Hospitalitycharities.com. These 4 industries are broad but encompass each other daily as there are many crossover interactions between the industries.

Leisure and Tourism play a major role in the Hospitality industry, and the World of Freight and Logistics plays a vital part within these industries. HospitalityCharities.com was formed to support these industries and to bring awareness to Global poverty, food and water wastage. The site is dedicated to featuring Foodbanks, Soup kitchens, Homeless Shelters, Community Support groups, and Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Hospitalitycharities.com is solely funded by its current founders and owners who genuinely want to bring Global awareness to the charities in order to help and assist those in need. Hospitalitycharties.com does not feature any advertising for self-promotion or financial gain. The sole purpose of this website is to act as a Global support platform featuring the smaller non for-profit charities that need industry help. Now more than ever before, the people who totally rely on Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism for their survival have been some of the hardest hit during these unforeseen times.

Please contact the listed charities directly if you or your company can assist with donations or in kind.

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